Facebook Ads Course

Facebook Ads Course

Ready to rock your Facebook Ads? This comprehensive course walks you through the ins and outs of Facebook ads. This course includes 19 video modules covering:

  • How to Create a Facebook Ad for a Listing
  • The 5-Step Formula for a Perfect Ad: Copy, Image, Targeting, Budget and Lead Capture:
  • Must-Haves for Boosting and Advertising Your Facebook Live Video
  • How to Set Up and Run an Effective Lead Ad
  • How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet (and use landing pages!)
  • How to Target Website Visitors and/or People Who Have Engaged With Your Videos
  • How to Create a Custom Audience with Your Email Database
  • How To Create Facebook Lead Ads Using Power Editor
  • How To Split-Test Your Facebook Ads
  • How To Use The Facebook Pixel To Create Retargeting Ads
  • How To Create Lookalike Audiences
  • How To Create Custom Audience
  • What You Need To Know About Facebook Ad Targeting
  • Tips For Writing Better Facebook Ads
  • How To Use Canva To Create A Facebook Ad
  • Best Photo And Graphic Practices For Facebook Ads
  • How Ads Look Like In The Newsfeed, Right Column, Mobile and Instagram
  • The Difference Between Boosting, Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor
  • How The Facebook Newsfeed Works¬†(And Why There Is A Need For Ads)

Also, as a bonus, you will receive our Facebook Ads Worksheet which is a PDF that you can print out and refer to at any time!


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