I help companies get smart about social media.

I work closely with corporate marketing and communications teams at real estate, mortgage and tech companies to help them develop their social media strategy.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the services I provide:

  • Social audit. I help companies by doing a thorough social audit that gives my clients a ‘30,000 foot view’ of where they are in social and the opportunities for growth.
  • Content strategy. I help clients by developing a comprehensive and custom content strategy for their brand. But content strategy goes beyond what to post – it’s also about how to say it and the nuances with each platform to gain maximum exposure. The devil is in the details – and this is the part I love!
  • Policies and procedures. I help companies draft their social media policies and procedures, figure out their do’s and don’ts, help them make decisions about resources, staffing and software needed.
  • Implementation. I help companies get out of their social rut and help them to start ‘doing’ as quickly as possible. I work closely with social media managers, content and brand managers to start implementing these strategies right away. Many times this includes side-by-side training in person or virtually.
  • Training. Staff training, executive training and figuring out everyone’s place within social media. Nowadays everyone can ‘own’ social media in an organization but what does that actually look like?
  • Video. I have filmed more than 100 social media and technology training videos for my clients. I am media trained, and very comfortable on camera. I write my own scripts and work closely with my clients to make sure the message is on point.
  • Executive training. It’s not enough anymore to have one person or a team managing social. Leadership comes from the top down – but what does that look like for a CEO, CMO or EVP? I work one-on-one with executives, at their pace and help to determine what is the best strategy for them so they can best support the brand and its mission.
  • Advisor. Sometimes you just need someone to say, ‘do this, and don’t do that.’ And sometimes you need an introduction to someone outside of your inner circle. This is where I come in. I play an advisory role to several companies and organizations who need that second set of eyes, who have questions and can call on me at any time for assistance.

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[box type=”bio”] Coldwell Banker Bain-Seal“When I think of social business, blogging and online marketing, Katie Lance is always on my top list of people I recommend. I first met Katie when she was on the Agent Reboot speaking tour and she quickly established herself as knowledgeable and credible expert. She is approachable and always willing to share her knowledge as well as help others. Katie is a delight to work with!” – Linda Aaron: Training Director/Operations Coordinator at Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal Real Estate[/box]

How do I work?

I work on a monthly retainer and/or contract basis. For more about my expertise and me, click here.

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[box type=”bio”] Tracy Weir | Eight11 | Real Estate Technology Reviews“Every once in a while, you meet someone so special, talented and outstanding that you wonder how you ever got along without her. For me, that person is Katie Lance. From the moment I met her at Inman News I knew she was the real deal: Competent, professional, inquisitive, thorough, kind, insightful, responsible, giving, creative, strategic and thoughtful are only a few of the words I’d use to describe her. She is not only a wonderful person to work with, but a fantastic person to know because she is so well-known and connected in the business of real estate. That could be because she built and runs the social media presence of Inman (a footprint of more than 200,000 fans and followers as of this writing). But there’s more to it than that. Katie genuinely enjoys putting people together and really getting to know them. She is generous and helpful to all, at all times. Everyone who meets her, whether onstage, online or in person, knows it. Though she might not say it this way, her real secret sauce is simply that she CARES about the people she touches via social. Social media isn’t just about acquiring fans and followers for the sake of having a large following. It’s about one-to-one marketing, wherein people feel connected to a brand and the people who run it. And this is where Katie excels. Katie is a more than an expert in social marketing. She is a master communicator, and I count myself lucky to have had the chance to work with her.”  – Tracy Weir, Founder at Eight11[/box]



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