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Canva Templates Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

Have you used Canva templates for real estate? There are thousands of options available within Canva. The good news is, there are a few simple templates that you can use to create content quickly and easily, especially if you are a real estate agent or broker.

In this video, I share my five favorite templates for Canva and how you can easily customize them with your branding.

Template #1: Real Estate
In addition to searching for a real estate templates, you can also search for things like just listed, just sold, open house and much more. These types of templates are great for promoting listings or sharing real estate tips.

Template #2: Reminders
Think of all the reminders you share with your clients! You can easily create a few simple graphics with Canva by using the reminders template. Think about creating graphics around moving reminders, selling reminders, buying reminders and more.

Template #3: Testimonials
If you are like a lot of real estate agents you have reviews all over the internet. Open up a few separate tabs on your computer with your reviews from Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook,, Zillow and more. Pick your favorite 5 to 10 testimonials. Open up Canva and search for testimonials. Customize the template with your branding and add in verbiage from your favorite quotes. You can copy and paste it and then add those into Canva quickly and easily.

Template #4: Quote Graphics
Do you love to share inspirational quotes? Perhaps you want to post a weekly Monday motivation or Wednesday wisdom. Go into Canva and search for quote graphics to find tons of inspiring quotes. Again, make sure you customize the graphics with your colors, fonts and branding.

Template #5: Polls
Polls are a fun way to create content that is interactive. You can create content where you are asking people’s opinions about types of homes, types of backyards, types of kitchens and much more. These are simple questions meant to be fun, playful and engage with your audience.

Remember, you don’t need to always reinvent the wheel. Pick one or two templates that you are comfortable with and use them over and over again. The possibilities are endless!

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