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Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Pros are Making on Instagram

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In this video, I’m going to share with you a few of the biggest mistakes. I see real estate agents and brokers making over on Instagram.

Hey everybody, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, the Get Social Smart Academy and author of the book, Get Social Smart it’s episode 236 of the Get Social Smart show. And today I’m going to dive into three big mistakes I see agents and brokers making over on Instagram. Mistake Number one, automating all their posts. Okay. This is a big one. You guys, I know there’s lots of services out there that promise, hey sign up for our service and just push a button and we’ll do all the work for you. And that sounds really tempting. And although some of those services, I would imagine have some great intent and some of them actually really have some great content. If all you’re doing is automating and you’re not posting anything yourself, any original content, you’re really missing the boat. Instagram, just like any other social media platform really favors original content.

So if you’re posting the same thing as a hundred other realtors happen to be across the country, it can hurt you from an algorithm standpoint, but not only that. And if you’ve seen any of our other videos, you know, I’m a big believer in this idea of standing out in a sea of sameness, standing out in the sea of sameness. There’s a lot of sameness when it comes to real estate marketing. So I encourage you to not just automate everything from time to time, you might want to schedule something or automate something, but make sure as part of your strategy, if you really want to use Instagram to build your business, attract business, stay in touch better with clients. Part of your strategy really needs to be intentional. So take a few minutes a day to focus five where you take five minutes to scroll through Instagram and like comment, engage with at least five people.

Take a few minutes each week to post once or twice throughout the week. Video content, Instagram reels, Instagram TV, be engaging with that type of content. And by the way, if you’re watching this video, while we’re on YouTube, we have lots of videos, all about Instagram, content ideas, things like that. So if you’re searching for some content ideas, make sure you check out our YouTube channel. We’ve got lots of content ideas there, but that’s mistake. Number one, don’t automate everything. Mistake. Number two is posting generic content. So just like we see a lot of folks still automating everything. I still see a lot of folks posting these really generic content where it’s maybe a meme that you found from Google images or, you know, somebody else posted and you thought, oh, that’s really funny. I’m going to share that too. And again, from time to time, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a funny meme or something inspirational that you saw over on Facebook.

And you want to repost it over on Instagram. But again, we want to stand out in a sea of sameness. So one of the best things to to think about is in your market. What are the questions you get asked all the time? You know, those questions where you could ask something and you think to yourself, oh my gosh. If I get asked that one more time, that’s a great piece of content. And especially if you’re focusing on Instagram, if you go on Instagram and you search your past clients and your prospects, and you can see that a big chunk of them are more active on Instagram than Facebook, then it’s worth your time to take the time to create a little bit of original content. There’s some great tools out there like Canva and word swag that will help you make graphics and tools quickly and easily.

Video content of courses is always a great thing, uh, that you can create right from your phone. We have a lot of folks who are part of our get social smart academy that will create video content. And then they’ll use apps like video shop or video Rameh to enhance their video, tighten it up, edit it a little bit. Maybe add some fun music. And when you’re putting out relevant content, that’s in your voice, that has your opinion, that has your personality. The leads you get from that group, from that content are so much better. So no more generic content mistake, number three, not formatting your posts for Instagram. This is a big one. You guys, I often see agents and brokers who have a beautiful postcard or a beautiful flyer, and whoever designed it for them, turn it into a JPEG. And that agent put it up on Instagram.

And the reason why that doesn’t really work is because that ad, that flyer, that postcard wasn’t really designed for Instagram. Now, the content is probably great. The, the wording might be great. They might be beautiful pictures, but it doesn’t really work in that format. A lot of times I have to pinch and zoom. It’s kind of like when you get an email, it really wasn’t meant for mobile. We’ve all seen that, where you get an email and you’ve got to pinch and zoom, or you go to a restaurant and you click on their menu and you can’t really see it. You got to pinch and zoom. The same thing happens when you take a flyer or a postcard or something that really wasn’t meant for Instagram. And you just like plop it in Instagram. So my advice is this. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

If you created a beautiful, just listed postcard with four or five, great pictures, take those pictures, go to Instagram, upload them. You might do a carousel posts where it’s four or five pictures in a row, or maybe a quick little video. Take the copy. The wording that you already wrote for the postcard. It’s probably already on the MLS or maybe on your website. Copy that, put that into an Instagram post. And then you might just enhance it a little bit. Maybe you ask a question, maybe you add an emoji or two, you add a few hashtags. Now you’ve taken something that was already created and you just made it a little bit better and a little bit more relevant for Instagram. So now instead of getting five likes or 10 likes, you’re more likely to get a lot more likes, a lot more engagement. And ultimately your post is going to get seen in front of more people.

Right? So make sure you’re formatting your posts properly for Instagram. I would also say by the way, we want to caution, just posting something to Instagram and then blasting it everywhere else. I see this happen a lot where we post them in Instagram and then we just share automatically to Facebook or Twitter. Keep in mind, Facebook and Instagram are similar, but different. They’re like oranges and apples. And even though Facebook owns Instagram, they’re they’re different, right? So that doesn’t mean you can’t post similar content from time to time. Instagram tends to favor more hashtags. So if I’m posting something to Instagram, you know, for example, we just recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of the get social smart academy. And we promoted that in, in many different places. When I posted about that on Instagram, I posted a graphic, I posted a few sentences and I added a bunch of hashtags because that’s relevant for Instagram, for Facebook.

I had similar copy, similar image. I just took out the hashtags. So again, similar but different, just make sure you’re formatting your posts for the platform that you’re using. All right. I would love to hear from you, are you active over on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below drop your Instagram handle as well. And if you’re looking for more additional training on Instagram, we have a great free guide. Go to Katie, forward slash Insta guide. Download your free guide. It’s chock full of tips and tools and strategies, especially if you’re in real estate. And if you’re watching this video over on YouTube, hit the subscribe button and the bell button. So you get notified with me of new videos that come out each and every week. All right, friends until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram.

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