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Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents are Making on Facebook in 2021

What are the biggest mistakes STILL happening on Facebook by real estate agents? There are three big ones that I am going to cover in this video! 

Mistake #1: Posting and running  

I still see this happening frequently where agents have a new listing or open house and then they spam all of their friends with the links. In 2021, it’s vitally important to take the time to engage before and after you post. Take a few minutes before you post to scroll through your feed and authentically connect and engage with people. Post your content and then take a few moments to respond to comments and engage some more. This small action will help get your content in front of more people. 

Mistake #2: Unrealistic expectations from ads 

I often find that real estate agents have unrealistic expectations when it comes to Facebook ads. Whether you spend a few dollars or a few hundred dollars – consistency is more important than ever before. Just like social media is a marathon and not a sprint, the same applies to Facebook ads. Be in it for the long haul and make a long-term commitment to see long-term results. Also, the best type of ads are typically ads that are targeting a warmer audience. For example, being able to target an audience of people who already may be familiar with who you are or the content you publish tend to be more effective than marketing to a cold audience. 

Mistake #3: Not doing Facebook Live 

I know when it comes to Facebook Live, it can be pretty terrifying for a lot of people! But once you have done a few Facebook Lives, you will improve! Facebook Live is still one of the number one pieces of content that tends to perform really well organically on Facebook. You can use Facebook Live to host a virtual open house, host a show talking about your local real estate market or even bring on guests to interview. The beautiful thing about a Facebook Live is that you can promote it ahead of time and also promote the replay outside of Facebook. When done right, Facebook Live is a great way to generate engagement and business from Facebook.? 

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