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Opening Pathways for Conversations About Race, Best in Class Real Estate Marketing, Parenting (and More!) | Interview with Anne and Dave Jones

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 104

In today’s episode, I’m excited to chat with my dear friends Anne and Dave Jones. In this conversation we chat about humanity over politics, being a community super hero, opening pathways for conversations about race, best in class real estate marketing, parenting and more!

Anne Jones is the Owner/Designated broker at Windermere Abode, which she and Dave opened in 2017. She has been licensed as a Realtor since 2008 and sold many homes in the greater Tacoma area during that time. Opening Windermere Abode has allowed Anne to focus on the aspects of real estate she is most passionate about; providing best-in-class marketing at all price points, giving back to the communities they serve, and creating a welcoming space where brokers and clients feel comfortable being their authentic selves. 

As a former educator and high school principal, Dave takes a service-minded and socially responsible approach to running and operating Windermere Abode with his wife, Anne Jones. Dave and Anne were recently named 2020 Inman News Person of the Year for their role in not only operating Windermere Abode during a pandemic, but also taking a lead on social justice both in the community and in real estate circles. A trailblazer, Dave is the first black owner in Windermere Real Estate’s history.  He is also a filmmaker, podcaster, community mentor, hip hop scene junkie, loves all things tech, and a lifelong basketball junkie. He takes pride in bringing a new energy and approach to ownership in the real estate space.

Lessons learned from Anne and Dave:

  • Reducing the barriers to implementation for our agents is key.
  • Exposure to black and brown faces – the more Dave shows up, the more “normal” it is. 
  • Goal is to shine the light on their agents. “What else can we do to provide value for our folks?”
  • 230K was the medium home price when they opened their doors – all of their agents still do first in class listing videos, professional photos, best in class marketing – regardless of price point.
  • “Our Realtors can show up exactly how they are – when they are at the farmer’s market, or taking their kids to school – they are Realtors. We want to embrace them exactly as they are.”
  • Finding your voice is a process.
  • If we don’t acknowledge that separating business and personal is rooted in white supremacy. We don’t talk about those things because it makes us uncomfortable. There is zero excuse to not be listening to black men and women – there are lots of opportunities.
  • You see what you most interact with – you have to be proactive.
  • Humanity over politics.
  • Listen – ask and listen.
  • Every day is a new day.
  • Invest in things that are uncomfortable.
  • Fail forward.
  • Start where you are at.
  • Be where your feet are.
  • Pick one thing and do that!

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