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What Grabs Facebook Users’ Attention?

If you are like many business owners – you are frustrated trying to figure out what “works” or doesn’t work when it comes to what to post to Facebook.

I recently asked the following question:

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I recently asked this on my Facebook Business Page

“What is the one type of thing you post on Facebook that always gets a lot of likes, comments or shares?”

I’m happy to say that I got plenty of great responses and would like to share some of them with you.


Michelle Reiner of South Bend, Ind.-based Cressy & Everett Real Estate was so enthused by the question that she couldn’t contain herself to just one answer. “Photos!” she wrote. “For example, a few of our offices recently hosted a Trick-or-Treat event and we saw a huge increase in likes, shares and new followers from the event photos we posted. We also see a lot of engagement on our monthly Top Producers image and when we share about a new agent joining Cressy & Everett.”


Stephanie Nissen of Union, Mo.-based Nissen Media finds that levity brings results. “For my business, humor-related posts do well!” she wrote. “Each post is still business-related, but it takes a light-hearted approach.”


Yarmouth Port, Mass.-based Realtor Katie Ahern Clancy found that she gets the most traction from posts that evoke emotion. “And this is on my business page,” she writes. “My two best recent posts: One makes reference to why working by referral is a safer way to (work), and the other was an Instagram of me celebrating after closing a really tenuous deal.”

The unexpected

Finally, Alameda, CA-based Contreras Design owner and design director Steven Contreras (and a dear friend of mine!) sometimes finds himself surprised by the posts that get the most notice. “The post I least expect to get a lot of comments and likes always gets the most comments and likes. (Like the time I was debating stealing a lemon off the neighbor’s tree that was poking over our fence in the backyard … serious all-time top (number) of likes and comments.)”

So what do I think about all this?

In my experience, talking as though you would talk to your friends in real life is very important if you’re looking to build a vibrant community.

For some reason, people stop acting like themselves when they set up a business page!

In addition, video uploaded directly to YouTube gets plenty of attention, as do short and funny posts.

If you’re asking a question, as I did at the beginning of this post, plain text works well – as long as you have a strong Facebook community. Don’t try this if you are just building your Facebook Page.

What posts gain you the most attention and engagement?

Let me know – leave me a comment below or on my Facebook Page!


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