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Social Media Strategy for Real Estate: Alumni Interviews #GetSocialSmart

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with several #GetSocialSmart alumni all about social media strategy in real estate. As we gear up for our big Launch Party on Tuesday, June 14th, it’s been awesome to dive deeper with some of my shining alumni and spotlight all of the amazing things they are doing in social media. Here are the interview recordings along with a few of my key take-aways from our conversations – enjoy!

Tracy Freeman

My key take-aways from my interview with Tracy Freeman:

  • Video content for her has been HUGE – big way to differentiate herself in her market; pro videos + DIY videos
  • It took about a year of consistent effort on her FB page to start seeing big results
  • When she was selling (she is now a manager) – 80-90% of her business came from social media
  • You have to hear her ?#?LemonadeRealtor? story… we love it!

Lee Arnold

My key take-aways from my interview with Lee Arnold:

  • Creating content in the moment has been a big key to success for him.
  • He focuses on visual content a lot – so many people don’t read anymore, we just scroll so Instagram picture and Facebook Live videos have been huge for him.
  • About 75% of his business he can attribute to social media.
  • He blends the personal and the business and isn’t afraid of connecting with his clients on a personal level.
  • His advice? You “just have to get over it” – when it comes to how you look on video or how it’s not perfect. It never will be!

**update** Unfortunately, the recordings of these last 3 interviews are no longer available. But I still wanted to share my top take-aways from these great conversations.   

Sheryl Lynn Johnson


My key take-aways from my interview with Sheryl Lynn Johnson:

  • Celebrating moments is really key; handing the set of keys over or putting up a house sign – she always tries to capture that on video.
  • She creates a Pinterest board for every listing to showcase the home.
  • She believes that real estate is an extremely personal business and your social media should be a blend of who you are personally and professionally.

Christine George


My key take-aways from my interview with Christine George:

  •  The last 6 months they have deployed a strategy and a calendar – but it’s fluid enough to change as needed.
  • They blog once a week and the 4 leaders in charge of the blog and the company voice rotate writing it to even the load and also balance the voice of the brand – as Christine said, “people follow people – not brands.”
  • They focus on their ‘cornerstone content’ such as their housing report and their blog posts, and then fill in with other content as needed. They spend about $250 or so a month on boosting Facebook posts and this has helped their traffic, engagement and reach tremendously. Nearly 3K people are seeing their housing report now through Facebook alone.
  • Because of the effort they’ve put forth, they are really a pioneer in their marketplace in Boston.

Katie Clancy


I hope you enjoyed watching these interviews as much as I had doing them! A big thanks to Tracy, Lee, Sheryl Lynn, Christine and Katie for your time this week.

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