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5 Ways to Tell Your Story Online

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5 ways to tell your story online
Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Our story includes our history, our family, our passions, and of course our place in our profession.

But too often, our story gets buried on social media.

We say to ourselves, “nobody cares about the pictures I post from my kid’s Little League game” or “why do people post when they are out to dinner?”

Well, believe it or not, those personal moments help to tell our story and define our personal brand. 

Each and everyone of us has a personal brand – and it is so much more than what we do for a living.

Telling our stories helps us to connect with others.

So how do we tell our story? As the saying goes, “a picture is truly worth a thousand words,” and this is even more prevalent today in social media.

Sharing vivid images and video are an easy way to connect with people. People connect over photos, especially photos that are real – not stock photos!

People typically forget what you say or what you write – so images and video becomes even more important because they affect how we feel.

How can you tell your story? Here are five of my favorite tips:

  1. Be personal. You must be willing to share and personal – this is what connects us. No longer is life black and white where we can completely separate our business and personal lives. They are intertwined and just like you connect with someone in person over their personality and interests – the same happens on social media.
  2. Be real – authenticity is key. Our B.S. meter is at an all time high. No one like someone who feels like a fake – be real, be authentic and people will resonate with that. Don’t just like or comment for the sake of liking or commenting – but be genuine!
  3. Share what you love. What are you passionate about? Tech? Travel? Dining? Share things that are of interest to you – this helps to tell your story. Share articles you read that come into your inbox or social stream. If they are of interest to you, they may be of interest to others.
  4. Share moments in your business. Make the most of events that happen day to day in your business. A happy client. A fun team BBQ. A new hire. All of these moments can be celebrated on social media!
  5. Look at your life as content. What best helps to tell the story of you? Are you a foodie? A parent? A dog person? A wine lover? An outdoors person? All of these things help to make you personable and relatable and these are all “content” ideas you could post to your social networks. All of these moments we have day to day are great opportunities for us to tell our story.

I’d love your feedback on this. Leave me a comment below!

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