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10 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Strategy

  • May 16, 2017
  •   Posted By Katie Lance
10 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Strategy
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Are you being intentional with your Facebook strategy? When done right, Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with your past clients, your sphere of influence and generate new leads!

Recently, we hosted a Facebook Live (sponsored by SmartZip) where I shared ten of my favorite tips when it comes to rocking your Facebook strategy. Here are those ten tips and a link to the recording to watch the replay!

  1. Is your content thumb-stopping? Your content in the Newsfeed is competing with friends and family – so you really need to stand out from the pack! One in five mobile minutes are spent on Facebook (which is the good news!) However, you need to think about a consistent content strategy to really make an impact on your Facebook strategy.
  2. People connect with you when you share who you are beyond business. Remember, the 80/20 rule on your personal profile; 80% personal and 20% business. It’s important to share things that are personal to you such as your hobbies, interests and passions. This is how we connect with others!
  3. The magic is in the one-to-one. Use Facebook Messenger to reach out to people individually. For example, for someone’s birthday you could leave a Facebook voice message using Facebook Messenger. Or, if you are looking to increase your reviews on your Facebook Business Page, you could use Messenger to reach out to your top 5-10 past clients personally asking for a review.
  4. Create lists to connect with your sphere. Get intentional when it comes to how you use Facebook. Create lists of clients and past clients and then look at those lists on a daily or weekly basis to connect with people in a meaningful way. Relationships are built with small interactions over the course of time and lists are a great way to do this!
  5. Use a content grid. Get organized and think beyond the now when it comes to your Facebook content. Have a plan of at least 30 days in advance of the type of content you are going to create and share on Facebook. Download your free copy of my content grid here!
  6. Repurpose your content. Every time you create a pillar piece of content whether it is a blog post, video or a Facebook Live – look for moments of opportunity to repackage and repurpose content. This blog post is a great example of how we repurpose some of our Facebook Live content! This is so important because remember – the leads you get from great content that you create are so much better than so many other type of leads!
  7. Create video for people to watch with the sound off. Close to 80% of people are watching video on Facebook with the sound off. Use tools like to create captions or subtitles that make it easier for people to watch and share!
  8. Create square video. Square video on Facebook is exploding! Use Instagram or the Animoto app to create square video quickly and easily for your Facebook Business Page. Keep your videos short and to the point!
  9. Use Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a great way to speak to your audience to connect and in real time. The great news about Facebook Live is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! It’s also a great way to create a piece of content that you will repurpose after the fact. Download your free Facebook Live cheat-sheet here! Also, I love using the free tool to broadcast to my Facebook Business Page or Groups and it also allows for captions and some fun advanced functionality!
  10. Generate leads with Facebook ads. Facebook ads are a great way to generate leads but you need to have a landing page or tool to help you capture those leads. Start with boosted post and start small. You can start booking posts for as little as $5 per post. The key here is have a great landing page for people to go to, to capture those leads. SmartZip’s SmartTargeting product is a great tool to check out for this – here’s a special affiliate link I have with them that will help you get started for only $40/month.

How are you rocking your Facebook strategy? Leave me a comment below! If you have additional questions, post them below or join our Facebook Group here!

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